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Chechen authorities begin ‘reunification of divorced families’

12 July 2017
Grozny City Hall (grozmer.ru)

A special commission consisting of officials and religious authorities summed up the first results of its work on the reunification of divorced families at a meeting at Grozny City Hall.

The newly created commission announced that it had recorded 134 divorced families in Chechnya, six of which have already been reunified.

The commission says it is active in all districts of the republic. ‘So far, families that are planning to reunify are being counted. The figure of 134 may still grow’, a member of one district commission, who asked not to be named, told OC Media.

‘The need to reconcile former wives and husbands in order to recreate the full unit of society has been burning for a long time, because many families divorce despite having children together’, the member of the commission said.

They argued that children who are not being raised in a ‘complete family’ are negatively affected, and that most of them are easy to manipulate and push into committing anti-social acts and crimes.

According to Islamic rules, a divorced husband and wife can reunite if a mullah approves it following an investigation of the reasons for the divorce. After a husband divorces his wife for the third time in a row, he becomes deprived of the possibility for reunification forever. This can only change if the ex-wife marries another man and then divorces him.