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Anano Kipiani

Anano is a policy analyst at CRRC Georgia.

Datablog | The importance of remittances for Georgian households

Those Georgians whose households received remittances from abroad had a significant increase in economic wellbeing.

Datablog | Both religion and the county’s Soviet past contribute to Homophobia in Georgia

Religiosity appears to encourage homophobia — but so too does a communist past.


Datablog | Georgians are becoming more accepting of premarital sex

While Georgian society tends to find sex before marriage unacceptable for women, attitudes are slowly changing.

Datablog | Georgians want their government to support Ukraine

 The Russian invasion of Ukraine shook Georgia, and new polling from CRRC Georgia reveals the extent of the political fallout so far.

Datablog | Georgians are still conservative, but attitudes are slowly changing

Newly released data suggests that the public’s attitudes are changing about women having pre-marital sex and children out of wedlock.

Datablog | Almost everyone in Georgia believes in the supernatural

Survey data suggests that 91% of Georgians believe in either good luck charms, fortunetellers, faith healers, or horoscopes.