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Givi Silagadze

Givi is a Researcher at CRRC Georgia.

Datablog | Georgia’s changing priorities at the UN General Assembly

A CRRC analysis found that Georgian Dream’s leaders have mentioned Russia less and spoken more positively than the previous government. 

Datablog | Russian émigrés in Georgia

A CRRC Georgia study has found that most surveyed Russians who emigrated to Georgia in 2022 are against Putin, in favour of Navalny, and feel secure in Georgia. 

Datablog | Georgians’ attitudes and beliefs associated with polarised media preferences

A recent survey suggests that Georgians have markedly different beliefs about the present state and future of their country depending on the television channels they trust.

Datablog | What do the ‘tragic consequences’ of colour revolutions actually look like?

While Russian rhetoric warns against the supposed negative consequences of colour revolutions, their actual impacts appear to be broadly positive. 

Datablog | Democratic hypocrisy in Tbilisi

A CRRC Georgia survey found that people living in Tbilisi were more willing to accept democracy-eroding policies if they believed that their preferred party was in power. 

Datablog | Are individual Georgians politically polarised?

CRRC investigated whether growing political polarisation in Georgia could be seen at the individual level.

Datablog | How do Georgians feel about the influx of Russians?

CRRC data suggests that most Georgians are concerned about the migration of Russians to Georgia.

Datablog | How has Georgia changed in the last decade?

Georgians tend to believe that poverty, crime, and corruption have increased in the last decade, while affordable healthcare has become more accessible. But public data does not always match these assessments.

Datablog | Georgian politics leave many feeling alienated

Data suggests that 51% of the public believes they don’t have a say in what the government does.

Datablog | Most Georgians believe that Georgia is not a democracy

The share of Georgians who believe that their country is a democracy is at its lowest in a decade.