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Hamida Giyasbayli

Hamida had been exploiting herself in the peacebuilding field for 10 years when the war in Nagorno-Karabakh broke out. Now she is exploring journalism to pursue her passion for human rights. She cares about community action, social equity, refugees, and environmentalism. After living in 7 different countries, she has adopted a small puppy but still seems unlikely to settle down anytime soon.

Azerbaijan’s children of war: Part II

Leyla and Imdad were forced to flee their homes as children during the First Nagorno-Karabakh War, this is the story of what happened after.

Opinion | Azerbaijan’s eco-nationalism is not up to the task

A Sheikh’s posh poaching trip earlier this year caused a scandal but ultimately changed nothing.

Azerbaijan’s children of war: Part I

Leyla and Imdad, Azerbaijani IDPs who were just children during the first Nagorno-Karabakh War remember the stories of their displacement.

Blogger accused of insulting fallen soldier attacked in Azerbaijan

Since making the joke one month ago, Fuad Rasulzadeh, a controversial blogger, has received threats, insults, and, most recently, a violent street beating. 

Video sparks debate about sexual harassment in Azerbaijan

Video of the incident crossed the Atlantic and was featured on the American late night show Jimmy Kimmel Live! 

Is an interconnected Caucasus on the horizon?

Russia, Turkey, and Iran have all shown interest in participating in restoring the transport corridors.

Azerbaijani police back down after attempt to disrupt missing service members protest

The families of around 20 missing service members gathered outside the Presidential Administration.

Azerbaijan arrests former counterintelligence chief

Nizami Shirinov was arrested along with another former security official, both of whom served in the now-defunct Ministry of National Security.

Baku police disperse protest against ‘systematic killing’ of stray dogs

Activists were protesting what they insist is the ‘illegal slaughter’ of stray dogs in Baku.

Transitioning off the grid

With little access to healthcare, trans people in Azerbaijan must choose between gender dysphoria or undergoing hormonal therapy on their own.