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Javid Agha

Javid is an Ankara-based writer and social media commentator focusing on Armenia and Azerbaijan. His articles have also appeared on the BBC. He was one of the founders of the Susma platform, where survivors of domestic violence can share their stories.

Opinion | On the apologists of Baku’s Military Trophy Park

Even the defenders of the shameful Trophy Park are forced to rely on false and disingenuous comparisons to justify its existence.  

Opinion | This election was our first ‘OK boomer’ to Azerbaijan’s political order

From boredom and camaraderie to confrontations with carousel voters, this was my experience as an observer in Azerbaijan’s recent election.

Opinion | We cannot build democracy in a country of family dictatorships

The recent domestic violence scandal involving the Popular Front Party has revealed a dark side of Azerbaijan’s opposition.

Opinion | For all that divides us, music brings us together

Music has for centuries brought Armenians and Azerbaijanis together in a way that may once again offer us a way forward.

Opinion | Accepting our past is the only way we can move forward

In Azerbaijan, as in Armenia, remembrance of the victims of past atrocities often takes on a one-sided nature.