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Makhachkala resident convicted for aiding militants

7 February 2017

A resident of Daghestan’s capital, Makhachkala, was sentenced to six years in a penal colony for aiding members of an illegal armed formation. The sentence has already come into force.

The case was heard by the Kirovsky District Court of Makhachkala. According to the website of Daghestan’s prosecutor’s office, the court also established that the resident of Makhachkala, named Gadzhiyev, illegally acquired and stored ammunition and explosive devices.

The judge found Gadzhiyev guilty of three separate charges: aiding combatants, illegal purchase, transportation, and storage of ammunition, and trafficking explosive devices. The court sentenced him to six years in a penal colony as well as restriction of freedom for a term of one year and a fine of ₽30,000 ($500).